Double Oak


The Double Oak Water Reclamation (Double Oak) was a privately owned non-regulated utility that provided wastewater collection and treatment to a suburban area south of Birmingham, AL. Double Oak serviced 5,700 effective dwelling units for residential and commercial connections and was co-owned by two local businessmen who were also active real estate developers in the area. SouthWest Water Company was the long time contract operator of the utility.

The owners of Double Oak took pride in the utility they had built from scratch almost two decades ago and wanted to sell to a company they could trust to continue the high level of customer service they had established. SouthWest Water Company was the natural fit. However, one owner wanted to divest 100% while the other wished to remain active in the utility. SouthWest Water Company developed a creative transaction structure that was mutually beneficial to all parties and the utility was transitioned into Shelby Ridge Utility Systems. The new customers continue to receive the same great customer service as they received under Double Oak.