Cline Butte and Running Y

SWWC New Acquisition

When Oregon Resorts Acquisition Partners (ORAP) decided to divest its ownership of the water and wastewater utilities that service the Eagle Crest and Running Y resorts in central Oregon to focus on its core competencies, they found a capable buyer in SouthWest Water Company. Aside from a fair price, ORAP had other goals: allow it to focus on operating resorts and continuance of the strong customer service it had provided the utility customers over the years.

SouthWest Water Company offered an attractive purchase price, made employment offers for existing employees, and struck a deal with ORAP for ORAP to continue providing customer service support while SouthWest Water Company transitioned ownership which minimized the effects on customers. ORAP and SouthWest Water Company also agreed to purchase emergency generators in order to continue providing service to customers in the event of power loss. The transaction was another win for the owner, the customer, and SouthWest Water.