SouthWest Water Company Acquires Pristine Water Source

PristinePristine Water Source (Pristine) is a non-regulated utility with exclusive rights to provide potable water and wastewater collection to a residential development near Klamath Falls, OR. Pristine services over one hundred customers and was ultimately owned by Premier Community Bank. The owner came into possession of Pristine after the residential development went into receivership. The owner operated the systems for several years before realizing the long term growth of the development would be better served by a full-time professional water services provider.

SouthWest Water Company offered an attractive purchase price and helped the owner accomplish its goals. The real estate market has taken a positive turn and development within Pristine’s service territory has resumed again with water and wastewater services supportive of the growth. The new SouthWest Water Company customers will benefit from Automated Meter Reading systems, 24/7 professional operations, and more robust payment options.

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