Meaning of our Logo

Water exists in many forms. It falls as rain, sleet or snow. It freezes as ice, and evaporates as steam.

meaning of our logo

Over the years, SouthWest Water Company has also existed in many forms, and we have operated under many different names in the South and in the West. In 2008 we consolidated under a single name, reflecting our common purpose of providing good stewardship for our most precious natural resource: water.

The meaning behind the SouthWest Water logo:

  • A circle – a classic symbol of unity – signifies we are a full-service company, united in our dedication to provide safe and reliable water to our customers across the country.
  • The cascading drops symbolize water in its natural state. We are proud of the responsibility entrusted to us by our customers to manage and preserve their water supply.
  • Blue is a soothing color, which symbolizes the peace of mind that we bring to our customers every day by safeguarding this vital resource.