About Our Company

About Our Company

Our utility divisions own and operate regulated water and wastewater systems serving over half a million residential and business customers in six states: Alabama, California, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, and Texas. Customer rates, service and water quality are generally regulated by state agencies.

We help communities struggling with utility management challenges and system performance to deliver the best quality water possible. We have experience in virtually every aspect of water and wastewater system operation.

At SouthWest Water, we believe that with water comes responsibility:

  • Responsibility to provide water when you want it, where you want it
  • Responsibility to ensure that water is safe and meets all federal and state health guidelines
  • Responsibility to treat wastewater and safely return it to the environment for reuse.

Our company was founded in 1891, as the East Whittier Land & Water Company. We are headquartered in Covina, CA, with nearly 400 employees in six states:

  • California
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Alabama
  • South Carolina
  • Oregon

Wherever we operate, we take pride in providing good stewardship of the world’s most valuable resource.We’re an American-owned company with nationwide resources and local management and decision making. More than a million people in five states depend on us for high-quality, reliable service. The people we serve expect and get our full commitment. Every day, our state-certified water and wastewater technicians pump and treat millions of gallons of water in hundreds of communities.

Our focus on water is the entire cycle of water (from its point of origin through transporting, treating, distributing and recycling) and its repeated uses, and we take pride in this stewardship.

Since 2010, SouthWest Water Company has been 100% owned by institutional investors advised by J.P. Morgan Asset Management, which manages over $1.7 trillion in total assets and is headquartered in New York. The investment strategy is focused on the infrastructure sector, with a long-term “hold” investment horizon.

Our investors are focused on the longer term, not simply next quarter’s earnings and profits. As a result, SouthWest Water is in a position to pursue a strategy of expansion and growth.

SouthWest Water Company enjoys the benefits of experienced leadership and management teams, with in-house professional engineering and quality control. We also have extensive construction and project management experience and expertise. Our company is also known for its world-class customer service and operational metrics.

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