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  • Kiawah Island Utility

    Kiawah Island Utility

    When the owners of the world-renowned Kiawah Island sought to sell the water and wastewater treatment utility that serves the resort island, it had several goals: a fair price, strong customer service, retention of existing employees, and the construction of a second water supply line for safety and redundancy. SouthWest Water Company met every objective, retaining 100% of the utility's work force; upgrading customer service; and installing a $10 million pipeline.

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  • Ni America Texas

    Ni America Texas

    SouthWest Water Company has a strategic growth initiative to build around their established utilities in the states they operate in. Through their business development efforts, they identified Ni America Texas as a potential acquisition target and reached out to Pacolet Milliken Enterprises for their interest in a sale. As the trust grew, private negotiations began for a sale of Ni America Texas to SouthWest Water Company, with a plan ensuring a seamless transition.

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  • Double Oak

    Double Oak

    The Double Oak Water Reclamation (Double Oak) was a privately owned non-regulated utility that provided wastewater collection and treatment to a suburban area south of Birmingham, AL. Double Oak serviced 5,700 effective dwelling units for residential and commercial connections and was co-owned by two local businessmen who were also active real estate developers in the area. SouthWest Water Company was the long time contract operator of the utility.

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  • Cline Butte and Running Y

    Cline Butte and Running Y

    When Oregon Resorts Acquisition Partners (ORAP) decided to divest its ownership of the water and wastewater utilities that service the Eagle Crest and Running Y resorts in central Oregon to focus on its core competencies, they found a capable buyer in SouthWest Water Company. Aside from a fair price, ORAP had other goals: allow it to focus on operating resorts and continuance of the strong customer service it had provided the utility customers over the years.

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  • Our company wanted to focus on our core wastewater utility businesses in South Carolina, divesting ourselves of water utilities in other states. SouthWest Water Company became a trusted partner and helped walk us through the sale process with a public utility commission we did not have experience with.  The  process was fair for both parties and the PUC approval was quick and painless.

  • I spent decades building my utility business, so I didn’t want to sell it to just anyone. In SouthWest, I found someone that was honest and fair during negotiations, and that I trust will follow through on their commitments.

  • In seeking a company to own and operate our water and wastewater treatment facilities, we wanted to ensure quality customer service, retention of employees and construction of a redundant supply pipeline to our island resort. SouthWest Water Company achieved all of those goals and more.